High School Study Abroad & Exchange Program In Italy

High School Study Abroad Exchange Programs in Italy

Getting a broader experience of a foreign culture is a worthwhile thing. If you are a student and are interested in building your knowledge and experience in a foreign land, do not look further. Nacel International offers an awesome exchange program for high school students who want to sharpen their Italian language skills, directly in Italy (http://www.nacel.org/high-school-programs/high-school-in-italy). This program offers you the chance of studying in a foreign country while living with a host family or a residence of your own choice. You can choose to join different types of public schools depending on your needs (classic, scientific, art, technical, etc…). This international high school program in Italy is offered for a term or a semester or better still for a whole academic year. Learn a foreign culture and improve your language skills while away from home.

What Does Nacel’s High School Exchange Program in Italy Entails


For a student to join this program, he/she must have attained the eligibility age of 14-18 years; the age requirement is different depending on the country that you choose to study in, in this case we are focusing in Italy. This specific exchange program in Italy has a duration time that runs from a month, a term, a semester to a full academic year. Depending on how much you want to learn, you can choose the period that you feel best suitable for you. As mentioned before, the students are also offered with a choice of selecting the type of public high school they want to attend according to their preferences and needs.


During the study period, the student will be accommodated by an Italian host family or choose to stay in boarding quarters or in student residences. The host family is carefully selected and attempts made to match the student’s points of interests with the family where possible. This ensures that their safety is a priority and their stay made comfortable and worthwhile.


High school exchange programs are located in 18 countries. There are exchange programs in Australia, Argentina, Canada, Chile, and Costa Rica, Ecuador, England, France, Germany, Ireland, Italy, japan, Mexico, New Zealand, Spain, USA, Poland and High School exchange program in china.


Admission requirements for high school exchange programs are a bit rigid. Regulation matters are stringent for the benefit of both the student and the state. It is a requirement that the student is requiring to commit total immersion to the life of the host company. He or she is further required to gain a proficiency in the country’s spoken language and also achieve a complete cosmopolitan experience. Every student is interviewed prior admission and those students not found to meet the requirements are turned down.

Requirements For The High School Study Abroad Programs in Italy:

· Age specified by the host country,

· Previous experience of living away from home

· Academic records of above average

· Show genuine interest in learning a different language and culture

· Have two or more years of language study and show good grades

· Be willing to make new friends and share the host family’s daily life

· Open and flexible attitude

The student participating in the exchange program is not guaranteed of any credit or transfers. They are not assured of being placed in a certain grade or be offered some form of certification towards the end of the study program. At least Nacel International will not be responsible for any of that but rather the national education authorities will do any crediting if necessary.


The deadline for application is accepted until March for exchange programs commencing in August to September. For those that will start in January, the application is open until September. Accurate deadline can be checked from Nacel. Note that any applications that are delivered late are never considered. It is recommended that any interested individuals make early applications. If any student is interested in the high school exchange program, they are advised to email the Nacel International so at to book the available slots and once this is done they can proceed with the full application.


High school programs in Italy have become accessible by Nacel International. With their dedication to ensure that all the students’ needs are adequately met while living with the host family, the student can be sure to learn with no discomforts. They have made the process of entering any of their high school study abroad programs easy and for any interested student as long as they meet the qualifications to join. Choose to learn a new culture studying abroad by enrolling to any of these high school exchange program in Italy. With 18 countries to choose from, a student will not lack a preference.